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Artspace Jackson Flats 901 18 1/2 Avenue NE, #308
Minneapolis, MN 55418


Founded on the belief that unique and collectible art should be accessible to the average consumer, Collection WM offers original and limited edition works of art by prominent mid-career artists—all at a reasonable price point. Offered online and out of a studio space in NE Minneapolis, MN, Collection WM hopes to educate our clients and help collectors expand their portfolios, whether you are an experienced collector or a first time buyer. 


Painted Books by Julie Baugnet

Max Stevenson

Painted Books by Julie Baugnet

"Sarabande", oil on paper, 20" x 5"

"Sarabande", oil on paper, 20" x 5"

Join Collection WM, Saturday April 18th, 5pm-8pm for a special book reading with julie Baugnet

ArtSpace Jackson Flats in the Gray Gallery

Reading begins at 6.30pm

Julie Baugnet, Professor of Design and Felip Costaglioli, Professor of International Cinema and Aesthetics at St. Cloud State University have created many artists' books over the past 8 years. Carter Clapsaddle, Julie's husband, will read Felip's poetry.

Baugnet, a painter, and Costaglioli, a poet, explore the process of traversing text and image.

In collaboration, they weave landscape and voice. Ranging from large expressive paintings to intimate journals and artists' books, the work is presented in English, French, and Catalan.

This energetic body of work gives insight into the common territories of poetry and image and reveals an innate passion for color, texture, and the written word.